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Recorder Responsibilities:
· Records real estate transactions
· Issues marriage licenses
· Files federal and state tax liens
· Files discharges from military service
· Files surveys and plats
· Certified copies

Searching Records:
Clerks are available in the office to assist you in obtaining copies of recorded documents, instruct you on how to search for a document and how to use the indexes, microfilm viewers, and computer search system. The function of the clerks is ministerial only. By state law, clerks cannot sign forms stating they have performed a search. Clerks are not allowed to search any records pertaining to a lien. Copies of deeds of trust, assignments, or releases may be obtained by providing the microfilm book and page number. Telephone searches are not conducted.

Fidlar Button Records are available to search online via a subscription to Laredo. The information dates back to 1894 and goes to present. Property Fraud Alert Notification Service
Tapestry Button Record searches and copies available online through Tapestry which is credit card based for payment. These records also date back to 1894 and goes to present.
Docuware ButtonDocuware is designed to search all recorded plats and surveys filed in Taney County. Contact the Recorder's Office for more information. If you do not have a username and password you may contact the office at 417-546-7234 to attain them.

Statement of Services
The information that can be attained on public computer stations located in the office include the following:
  1. All County Surveyor surveys (unrecorded)
  2. All deed books
  3. All deed of trust release books
  4. All empire district electric ownership maps and books
  5. All marriage licenses
  6. All military discharge books (DD214)
  7. All original county surveys (1864)
  8. All plat and survey index books (1-2)
  9. All rail road right of way maps
  10. All real estate index books (1-61)
  11. All recorded plats and surveys
  12. All restriction books (1-2)
  13. All right of way maps for Missouri State Hwy 65
  14. All state geographic reference book systems
  15. All survey record books
  16. All the old assessor books (god books)
  17. All track record books
  18. All federal and state tax liens
  19. Bull Shoals Lake Maps   (shore line)
  20. Indexes for real estate records 1894-present
  21. Land Ownership Map (1894)
  22. Land Survey Index Book
  23. Mark Twain Natl Forest
  24. Row Hwy 465
  25. Table Rock Lake Maps  (shore line)
The Taney County Recorder has concerns about identity theft from the public record. Therefore, the Recorders Office has the capability of both automatic redaction as well as manual redaction of all filed documents. All social security numbers are being redacted from newly filed documents and a recent project to redact social security numbers from all tax liens has been completed. ***DD 214’s Military Discharges are not on public stations due to Missouri LAW***

Documents associated with the office of the Recorder

    Applications / Forms   
    Go to this Taney County Page! Aug 18, 2015 - Affidavit of Absent Applicant and Application For Marriage License (ONLY for INCARCERATED and MILITARY)
    Go to this Taney County Page! Aug 18, 2015 - Military Discharge Papers Request Form
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